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This "about me" stuff is super awkward, but here it goes: I am a Mother of two really cool humans who are growing up too quickly, and a crazy but very cute dog. I'm married to my best friend, and we've made a lovely life together in our old Atlanta bungalow.


I love baseball, podcasts, books and ice cream; stories make me happy. Community and social justice are important to me.  

I've always been pulled toward photographing people in an honest way, which led me to study photo-journalism in Boston. Later, after returning to Atlanta and having my own kids, I became drawn to documenting Motherhood and Childhood in all of it's messy glory.

My primary creative interest is storytelling through family photography and videography--the whole story, including maternity, birth and newborn, and then continuing on through senior sessions. Using natural light only, I want to show the beauty in just a slice of your life.


After the birth of my first son I became a Doula because I believe that birth matters. I am thrilled to be part of The Birth Story Collective; check us out if you are looking for Doula or birth photography services!


Oh, and...

I know you're busy, and the thought of being in front of a camera isn't your vision of an ideal Saturday.


I also know that your children are the light of your life, and that your time with them is flying by.


I don't want to make pictures of you guys looking at me saying cheese like any other cookie cutter family on facebook, with every hair in it's place.


I want to tell your story in all of its glorious mess,

and I want to tell it beautifully and authentically.

I want you to have photographs and movies that make you smile

and take you back in time for just a minute.


Your life is beautiful because of the love you have created,

not because it is Pinterest worthy.


Let's Relax, have fun, and

document your beautiful family!

Chanda Williams, 
documenting family stories
in Atlanta and decatur
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  • improve birth outcomes

  • reduce birth trauma and early infant trauma

  • challenge cycles of poverty for underserved mothers

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 chanda Williams | maternity, newborn + family photography in atlanta