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I'm so glad you found your way here. A few things about me:

  • I pronounce my name CH (like cherry) ANDA (like panda)...Yes kids called me Chanda Panda.

  • An Atlanta native, I'm married to my best friend, and we've made a lovely life together in our old Atlanta bungalow. We have two really cool humans who are growing up too quickly, plus a dog who thinks she's a human.

  • I'm an introvert who loves books, podcasts, baseball and ice cream; stories make me happy. Community and social justice are essential to me. Interesting light makes my heart sing.

  • I studied photojournalism, and after returning to Atlanta and having my own kids I was drawn to documenting Motherhood and Childhood in a beautiful and authentic and honest way. 

Oh, and...

I know you're busy, and the thought of being in front of a camera might not be your vision of an ideal Saturday.

I also know that your children are the light of your life, and that time is flying by. 

Your family and home are perfect because of the love you have created, not because it is Pinterest worthy.


Let's relax, and document your beautiful mess!

Chanda Williams, 

documenting family stories
in Atlanta and decatur
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  • improve birth outcomes

  • reduce birth trauma and early infant trauma

  • challenge cycles of poverty for underserved mothers

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