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i'm a rebozo certified doula!

I spent last Sunday with an incredible group of doulas and childbirth educators. Bridgette Becker came to Atlanta to teach a fabulously fun and informative workshop about using the rebozo to help our families during pregnancy and labor.

You might be wondering what a rebozo is just a long scarf, but the magic is in what you do with that scarf. As a rebozo the scarf becomes an extension of your doula or partner's arms, helping to support a laboring woman in ways my arms wouldn't be strong enough for.

Rebozos for labor were introduced to us by Mexican midwives who realized the many ways it could be used in pregnancy, labor and motherhood. I have been using my rebozo as a doula for a long time, and I am excited to try out all of the new techniques I learned!

For more information on how rebozos are used as a labor tool, visit

In this photo I am using a rebozo with the midwife to "sift" mamas belly in hopes of relaxing her abdomen and allowing baby to get into a better position.{Photo taken by my wonderful client}

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