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Is Waterbirth Right for You?

{baby and mama just a few minutes after birth}

"Waterbirth is felt by mothers and providers alike, to be the gentlest of gentle births."

Water has been called "the midwife's epidural," or the "aquaduril," and with good reason.

atlanta doula and birth photographer

As a doula I have attended many waterbirths. I have also attended many births where water immersion was used during labor for pain relief, and then mom got out of the tub to deliver. Sometimes that was the plan, to only labor in the water, and sometimes the mama just wanted to get out of the water to push. But the relief on mama's face when she steps into that tub is wonderful to see each time.

The water releases some of the weight and allows mama to fully relax, which makes for more efficient contractions. The warm water increases the elasticity of the perineum, making for an easier delivery. And the list of benefits goes on.

My personal experience with waterbirth was the birth of my second son, into a tub set up in our bedroom. The water for me was like a reset button--it felt so good, and I knew then I was going to be able to do it. I also liked the level of modesty it afforded me. Sounds silly, especially with eight other people in the room, but I felt like I was in my own safe space.

In Atlanta we have three hospitals (see below) and many homebirth Midwives who provide waterbirth as an option for families. Obstetricians generally do not offer waterbirths because they are trained surgeons (as opposed to Midwives, who are trained to support women during their pregnancy and birthing time, catch baby when it's time, and to be alert to signs that a doctor will be needed...but that's a whole different post!)

Waterbirth is safe! I won't go into detail, but you can read more on the safety of waterbirth here.

"Water really connects us to our earth. Our babies are floating in water prior to birth."


more information:

providence midwifery (North Fulton Hospital)

waterbirth atlanta doula

{A hospital birth tub in Atlanta-

the tub is reusable with a

new plastic liner each time}

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