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the birth of silas

This Mama's water broke early on Friday morning. As her doula, we talked every two hours throughout the day. By 5pm they were ready for me to join them. I arrived at their home, and later we all went to Dekalb Medical. See Baby Midwifery was their provider, and the amazing Carrie Reed was on call with Amanda McVay shadowing her.

Baby Silas finally arrived around 2 pm the next day, into his Papa's hands! It was a long and beautiful journey, and I thank my clients for allowing me to share it with you!

What an experience.

I create a birth story for every birth photography client. Watch Silas' full birth story:

Sidenote: I'm quite confident that my clients would have had a cesarean section if they had chosen different caregivers... for multiple reasons. Midwives will wait and trust the birth process, whereas many caregivers overuse the term "failure to progress" and recommend a cesarean section. Many caregivers would have told her to go to the hospital when her water broke at 5am on Friday, when she was fine at home during her early labor.

I am so happy that families in Atlanta have such wonderful birth options!

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