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atlanta doula + birth photographer

atlanta doula and birth photographer
atlanta doula and birth photographer, VBAC water birth
atlanta doula and birth photographer, VBAC water birth
atlanta doula and birth photographer, VBAC water birth

atlanta doula + birth photographer; a water birth VBAC

WOW...This was a very cool birth experience to be involved in. This family decided that for their 6th baby's birth they were going to travel to Atlanta to have a VBAC after 3 cesareans, and they wanted to have a waterbirth with See Baby Midwifery. Because of their previous cesarean births, they were not given the option to birth vaginally where they live.

I'm so happy that they hired me to be their doula and birth photographer. I was a little nervous that they wouldn't make it to Atlanta in time, but they did! In fact, they spent two nights in a hotel before labor got going. I had fun supporting them through the experience, and watching Dad catch his baby boy in the water.

We are lucky to have Midwifery groups in Atlanta like See Baby who will support families and all birth options. This family finally, for their 6th and final birth, had a satisfying and empowering experience. Below is this mama's kind review of me:

"I'm not even sure if there are adequate words to express how grateful we are that Chanda was our Doula. She helped us have an amazing birth experience and I wouldn't of made it through my labor without her. She was so prepared with things I didn't even think about, and was able to really help my husband support me throughout labor and the birth of our son. I would hands down recommend her as a Doula and birth photographer. She was able to capture the true feelings behind my sons birth and I'm so glad we chose to document it in this way. She's simply amazing at what she does!"

I am so thankful for this mama's kind words, her trust in me to be a part of their baby's birth day, and their permission to share the pictures from the day. I never share birth photography without permission, and I truly appreciate it!


I offer birth doula and birth photography services in Atlanta, separately or together. I find that the two jobs work well together.

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