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atlanta postpartum doula

atlanta postpartum doula and birth doula

Postpartum Doula Work

I have really enjoyed supporting my first postpartum doula clients. After being a birth doula for so long, it meant so much to be able to stay connected with a family after their baby arrived!

When I got to their house in the afternoon, Elwood's mama was just arriving home with groceries. I took care of Elwood as she put the groceries away, and we talked about how the week was going.

A little later, Elwood was getting fussy, so it made sense for me to put him in the kataan carrier and walk the neighborhood with him. This gave his parents a chance to make dinner together, connect, and enjoy each other's company for a little while. Elwood was so calm and content on our walk, looking around and listening to everything. We returned home when he fell asleep (and I snapped this photo!)


A postpartum doula is an objective and knowledgeable person who helps with the transition into parenthood--or parenthood with two or more kids. In a way, postpartum doulas replace what a lot of parents are now missing: a village. Not too long ago new mothers were surrounded by other women who had gone through this before, and who would help with household chores, breastfeeding, or whatever would help the new mother learn to be a mother.

When my first son was born I actually moved in with my mother. I was able to catch up on a little sleep, and feel more confident in my decisions. It eased the loneliness that often comes when there is a newborn at home. This isn't an option for most, and that's why there are postpartum doulas!

Every parent deserves a postpartum doula. I offer postpartum doula services in 3-4 hour blocks, with no minimum amount of sessions.

I am a proud DTI doula!

atlanta postpartum doula

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