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I always try to find humor in life, and especially when I am documenting it. This was so easy to do at the birth of Imogen, thanks to her two big sisters--who were quickly nicknamed "Midwives in training." At 2 and 4 years old, Imogen's sisters were very excited to meet their new baby.

For birth photography clients I am on-call 24/7 for the month surrounding their estimated due date (two weeks before and two weeks after). During this time I always have my phone on me, and check it every hour-- sometimes even waking up in the middle of the night to do so! During early labor I keep in touch with my clients, and when my they are ready for me to join them I aim to arrive within an hour and a half.

Based on this Mama's previous birth experiences, however, I knew that an hour and a half might be too late. So I had my camera with me and childcare arranged for the weeks leading up to her due date. When I did get the text that Mama's water had broken in the chair at the salon, I was at their house in 20 minutes, right after she got there!

The birth that I got to be a part of that day was so incredibly sweet. The love between this family, decorated with hilarious moments, will stay with me forever. Their wonderful Midwife and sibling Doula complimented the family so well.

You can watch the birth story of imogen below. I create a birth story for every birth photography client, and only share birth photography with permission. I also create a second birth story for any reason. This public version is slightly different than the original version, which included some "graphic" photographs that the family did not want made public.

Birth is quite an intimate and vulnerable time, and I am so grateful for the permission to share this birth story!

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