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Atlanta Birth Center

What an exciting summer--the Atlanta Birth Center is finally opening!!! It has been such a long time coming...and last night I attended a fabulous event there to celebrate birth professionals. I always love these events because I get to see other area doulas, lactation consultants, etc, but this was a particularly special evening.

We potlucked in the Birth Center. Atlanta's first Birth Center. Three beautiful birthing rooms and three amazing Midwives. A safe place where birth is seen as normal, and women are supported fully. My first birth there will be in August, and I know it will be incredible.

From the website:


Based on the birth center model of care, we believe pregnancy and birth are normal life events and should be women-centered. This model includes prenatal care, mind, body, spirit and social well-being, postpartum support, and much more.

This model of care is not available to women in the Atlanta metro area as the birth center model of care cannot be duplicated by a local area hospital. The nearest birth center is in Savannah, 260 miles away.

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