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atlanta birth photographer + doula

atlanta birth photographer + doula; welcome Beckman!

I had the honor of being with this family for the Whole Journey; in this case it was the journey from a family of 4 to a family of 5. I supported them as their birth doula, and in addition to birth photography we had a pregnancy and then a newborn session. What an incredible time to be a part of. And I am so thankful that they also gave me permission to share their birth story!

atlanta birth photographer and doula
atlanta birth photographer and doula

atlanta birth photographer and doula
atlanta birth photographer and doula
atlanta birth photographer and doula

I offer birth doula and birth photography at the same time. Some people have trouble understanding how I do both, and the short answer is that I juggle. As a doula I hold space, I make suggestions, I am often physically involved with comfort measures. But when there is a birth partner, one of my goals as doula is to involve the partner. I take turns with the partner to support the mama, and every once in a while I pick up my camera.

As a birth photographer I try to go unnoticed during labor. I do not use a flash, as I think it interrupts the birth space. The last thing a laboring mama needs is a paparazzi in the room!

The majority of the photographs I take are around the moment of birth, and in the hours after--the first hours of baby's life on the outside. In contrast, the majority of doula work is prenatally and during the labor. So while I do have to juggle when I am both a doula and birth photographer, I find that usually this is not difficult to do.

Thank you again to this family for allowing me to share their birth story:

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atlanta . decatur

Chanda Williams is a birth photographer and doula in atlanta and decatur, Georgia. She also offers authentic family photography, ranging from pregnancy to newborn and beyond. She supports families while documenting their parenthood journey.

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