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I was honored to be the doula and birth photographer for this sweet family a little while back. I love the first picture in this blog post, as it shows how I juggle being a birth doula and a photographer at the same time--sometimes I just shoot from the hip!

Having siblings present at births add such a loving element to the story. This big sister, who had her own "doula" if she needed something, was so proud of her mama, and proud to be a big sister. It was adorable. The nurses let her "help," and I love to think about her memory of the day.

I am a DONA and DTI birth doula because I love supporting families through one of the most important, and possibly the most important day of their lives. No matter how the birth happens, and no matter how many times you have done it, what is guaranteed when a baby is born is that a Mother, and family, is transformed. A family of three is now a family of four. A big sister is made.

This is also why I love documenting, and telling the story of birth days. It doesn't occur to many people until later that they want the day documented. A lot of times memories are foggy, and moments go unnoticed.

I am often asked how I can do both jobs at once, and the answer is that I juggle. I doula, and every once in a while I take some pictures. When I am hired as a birth photographer only, I definitely end up with more labor pictures. But once baby arrives, whether I am a just the photographer or also the doula, I can easily document the first hours of your baby's life.

I do not use a flash, as I think it disturbs the birth space.

I do not share birth photography without permission, and greatly appreciate clients who give this gift to me.

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