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hours old newborn photography | Atlanta, GA

atlanta newborn photographer

atlanta newborn photographer

atlanta newborn photographer
atlanta newborn photographer

Hello, Charlie | Atlanta Newborn Photography

First24 sessions are lifestyle newborn sessions that happen within 24 hours of your baby's birth. This usually means at the hospital in your postpartum room the morning after baby arrives, once you have showered and hopefully taken a nap. First24 sessions are a great option for anyone who isn't really into birth photography but wants to capture those first moments of getting to know your baby.

First24 sessions can often be coordinated to be when family, including siblings, come to meet your baby. Those amazing moments can be documented. Welcoming a new family member is such an exciting time, that only happens once.


Lifestyle photography is a style of photography that is more authentic, and focuses on connections rather than props. iT includes your surroundings to document this moment--whether it is in the hospital room the day after your baby is born, or two weeks later in your home, it tells a story that is unique to you and your family.

Lifestyle photography sessions don't include unnatural poses, and I instead guide a situation and capture moments that happen on their own. What I mean by this is that I might position you so that the light is hitting you nicely, and then tell you to snuggle your baby. Beautiful photographs will naturally happen...And even better, they will be beautiful photographs that you will cherish forever! Photographs that include the whole family, and that tell the story of your family in this moment.

Want to book your first24 session? Find out if I am available around your due date!

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