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Photography + Doula Registry | Atlanta

atlanta newborn photography registry

When it came time for us to register for our wedding, we already had a household full of stuff (and a preschooler, but that's a different story). We didn't need anything, least of all crockpots and glassware. So instead we registered for something we really wanted, but that was not in our budget--a honeymoon. I am still so glad we made that choice, and got to have an amazing trip together.

Fast forward three years and it was time to register for our second round of baby showers. We had a 6 year-old, and still had all of his stuff. Oh how I wish I could have registered for custom photography or doula services! Which is why I am so excited to be able to offer this to my clients.

photography registry in atlanta

By using the website, clients can now register for the stuff they need and the services they deserve. Baby List makes it super easy to register for everything you want, in one place. They will even print registry cards to include in your baby shower invitation, for free!

After you make an account with Baby List, you install a Baby List button in your bookmarks bar (just like pinterest). Then you go to my gift certificate and registry page, and hit your Baby List button. You pick what services you want to register for, and that's it. An easy way to get what you actually want on your registry.

If you register for multiple things, and only receive the partial amount for a service, you can combine gift certificates. If you want to register for either birth doula or birth photography, check with me about availability first. But again, if you received gifts toward birth services and I was not available, you could use those gift certificates toward postpartum doula services or a different photography session.

Isn't this great!?

Oh, and gift certificates also make great engagement and graduation gifts. Just contact me to discuss!

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