Lifestyle Newborn Photography | Atlanta, GA

Lifestyle Newborn Photography | Atlanta, GA

It is such an honor to be asked to document the first moments and days of your child's life. We all know that it's a time that goes by so fast--one of my favorite parenting quotes is

"The days are long but the years are short"

--and nothing is more true about your time with a newborn baby. Before you know it your newborn is sitting up and looks totally different.

I love documenting the newborn stage in a family's life--not in a posed and unnatural way, but in a way that feels authentic. I like to include your home and other family members (pets too!), and show a slice of your life as it looked when your baby was a newborn.

Some people will immediately react with "but my house isn't pinterest worthy!" to which I say, "that's ok!" I work around clutter all of the time, and am happy to move a pile of stuff or random lamp that distracts me out of the shot. Your house is perfect because it is the home you have created for your family, and that looks different for different families. Your family is perfect because of the chaos and the meltdowns and the spit up on the couch--imperfection is beautiful, and that is perfect!

My newborn photography sessions are "lifestyle" sessions--I do not put babies in baskets or do composite shots that look like a newborn is holding her head up on her hands. Some people do that type of photography really well, but I tend to get bored with those pictures. They all look the same. I want to show your home, and your family, with your newest family member as the star. Because of this style of photography, I like to schedule newborn sessions for when your baby is 2-3 weeks old. I do not need or want your baby to sleep the whole time, and instead want the interactions and bits of personality that start to show once your little one starts to "wake up."

All of my sessions include digital images. See full pricing here...Book your newborn session today with a deposit, and then contact me once your baby arrives to schedule our session!

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