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Family Film | Atlanta, GA | Jackson at 3 Months

Family Film | Atlanta, GA | Jackson at 3 Months

So I am a little biased, but my nephew Jackson is one of the cutest babies ever. I recently had the pleasure of babysitting him for the day, and I created this portrait of him at 3 months old. I am looking forward to doing this again at six months, and then at 1 year old. It is crazy how quickly our children grow and change over their first year of life, and that's why I offer what I call the 365 project: documenting some of the amazing milestones of a baby's first year.

Family films can be a peek into your life in this moment, and can include a variety of activities. Family films are a different way to document life that can also capture the sweet sounds and movements of our little ones. With my own babies I never got around to recording the little noises they made, and I'm excited about offering this to other families. Family films are another way I hope to tell the story of childhood, and of family.

I've recently created family films of my own kids with two of their grandmothers. We had fun doing some of things my kids love to do with their grandmas. This included hiking in the woods, reading books, playing balloon jack and eating at Waffle House. For my sake we threw in looking at old family photos in my mother-in-laws house of 20 years that she has recently sold. I plan on making family films with each of their grandparents... The sound of my mom's voice reading to my children; my mother-in-law's infectious laugh. My nephew Jackson's first year in a highlights film. I think these films are the best gifts that I can give to my family. I'm really excited to offer this gift to other families, too!

Are you ready to book a session? Are you interested in family photography or videography? Contact me and let's talk! Let's tell the beautifully wild story of your family!

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