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Family Films | Atlanta, GA | Indigo at 5.

What better way to celebrate and hold onto your child at this age than to have a photo session? What about a film birthday portrait session?? With a birthday film you can see and hear your baby at this age.

This is a birthday portrait of Indigo at 5. We hung out for a couple of hours and did some of her favorite things.

I'm really excited about adding film to the list of services I offer to families in Atlanta. I'm learning and expoloring my own creativity while bringing to joy to people!

Are you interested in family videography? Let's talk!

With Family photography and family films, I'm interested in showing the connections your family has, and the personality of your little one. Upon booking a family film, we will schedule a time to talk. We will figure out the activities and memories that you want to remember, and create our plan. The day of our shoot we will loosely follow our plan, and make magic! ;-)

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