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Somehow summer is wrapping up for my own family, and it's been quite an adventure. Between traveling with the kids, I had some really fun photography and film sessions--and now I'm playing catch up with adding them to the blog!

The family session below was very cool--an early morning session with a sweet family of six. It was so much fun to let the kids run and be wild, and capture great pictures. Plus early morning gave us beautiful light before the heat got too crazy.

My approach to family photography is to give a little bit of guidance, and then capture what unfolds. We will often start with a posed shot, get the "grandparent" shot of everyone looking at me, and then see what happens. My favorite shots are usually the ones where nobody in the picture is looking at me. Instead they are connecting with each other, and in their own moment.

I think that the magic that happens in between the posing is the good stuff. It is what gets me excited, and what I want to remember about being with my own kids. Natural pictures that show a child's personality--and that show the love between siblings and parents. That is what I am going for. And having fun is key to this.

So that's why I tell parents that the best thing you can do for a great photo session is to relax. If I really want the kids to do something I will ask them to do it--and if they don't, that's ok too! Mischievous pictures can be fun, but I'm guessing you do not want pictures of you yelling at your kids! ;)

Sometimes having a couple of favorite activities can help keep kids interested--at this session they brought a favorite book, and a little reading time with Dad in the shade was what everyone needed to keep going a little longer. Reading as a family is important to this family, so I'm glad we were able to document it!

Let's tell your family's beautifully wild story. Contact me to get started!

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