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Newborn Photography | Atlanta, GA

Newborn Photography | Atlanta, GA

I think newborn babies are fascinating. They are learning how to live apart from their Mothers, learning so much about the family they are a part of. They also change so quickly, and before you know it you have a baby, then a toddler. Those first days can be challenging and beautiful, and I capture that moment with authentic newborn photography.

Newborn photography that is overly staged and posed doesn't move me in the way that authentic lifestyle or documentary photography does. I want to see and feel the connection to home, and the personality of siblings. I want to include Grandma's rocking chair and the family bed, because it tells a story. It is messy and honest and unique. It is not posed and 'perfect' and cookie cutter.

My newborn photo sessions are booked with a deposit, and when your baby arrives we schedule our session for when your baby is about two weeks old. My newborn sessions are in-home sessions. I come to you, and meet your family where you are in the moment. I do not pose your baby in any unnatural ways, and I'm not really into 'props' as much as meaningful objects. I like it when the whole family is involved in the session, including pets.

I also offer add-on maternity photography to tell even more of the story. We can include some of your maternity pictures in an album or slideshow. Or we can create a custom baby book--something the whole family will cherish. I will design your baby book and you can make changes before we send it to print. Pages can include things like "On the Day You Were Born" and "Names We Almost Gave You."

If you are ready to book, head over to my deposit page, and I'll be in touch!

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