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Family Films | Atlanta, GA | Isaiah at 6.

There is something so special about video. I am not sure if it is the movement or the sounds, or everything combined, but family videography lets me tell a story in a way that is really exciting to me. This is a family film of my little guy at 6. Enjoy!


Family videography tells a story in an honest and artful way. Birthday portraits capture the age of your child, and all of the amazing parts of that age. Ready to tell your child's story? Contact me, and upon booking we will schedule a consultation to figure out what it is about this age that you love most, and what you want to remember most. Maybe it's the way your toddler confidently waddles toward the swing on the playground, or the way your preteen still giggles when tickled. We will map out a few activities, and during our session we will try to capture the essence of your little one in this moment.

I truly believe in the beauty of authenticity. With my family photography and family films, I want to tell your story--not a bizarre perfect interpretation of family that pinterest created, but the connections, the home, and the love that you have created. I think imperfections are perfect, and I want to tell your child's story in a way that is honest and beautiful!

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