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Newborn Photography | Atlanta, GA | Welcome, Rhys!

Newborn Photography | Atlanta, GA

Newborn babies are so amazing. Everything is new to them, and the way the light bounces off their eyes is stunning. Sweet little Rhys arrived way earlier than expected, so we actually had our session around his expected due date.

His big brother, a great helper, was very involved in the session. It's always important to me to include siblings as much as possible, and this is usually done in small doses, with plenty of free time to go play and come back. This is true for everyone in the family--breaks are welcome, especially snack breaks (for baby too!) That's why my newborn sessions can last up to two hours.

Having a new baby in the house is a big deal for everyone, and I usually like to schedule newborn sessions for when your baby is 2-3 weeks old. That way things have settled just a little bit. I do not pose babies in any unnatural ways, and I like it when babies are wide awake for our session!

My sessions are laid back, without any pressure to perform. I give a little guidance on where to be in relation to the light, but I like to let things unfold naturally. I want to tell your story in this moment. I want you to wear your own clothes, and I want the home you have created to be part of the session too! That's why my newborn sessions are in your home, and not a studio. I think the beauty of authenticity is enormous. I want to tell the beautifully wild story of your family!

Want to get on my calendar for your newborn session? You can book your session with a deposit, and I will send you a questionnaire and tips for our session. Then once baby arrives we will pick a date. I try to deliver newborn photos via an online gallery within a week--I know you will be anxious to share your sweet baby with the world!

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