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4 Tips for Rocking Your Maternity Pictures

Pregnancy is an exciting time in your life, and a maternity photoshoot is a beautiful way to document and celebrate it. The anticipation of meeting your new baby, of your older baby becoming a big brother or sister, and of your family adding another child is moving. It's a magical time!

Pregnant mother outdoors

4 Tips for Rocking Your Maternity Photos

1. Find the right photographer for you

There are lots of different styles of photography, from glamour to lifestyle to documentary, so finding the right photographer for the style you are looking for is important. All types of photography can be beautiful, but hop on Pinterest and see what type of maternity pictures speak to you the most.

I describe my photography style as "lifestyle" photography, which is somewhere between posed portraits and fly on the wall documentary. I guide my clients into situations and then let the connections unfold. When I edit my pictures I do not do any major retouching-I want to tell your story authentically.

2. Choose your outfits wisely

This is definitely related to the style of photos you like, but if you are interested in lifestyle photos, I tell my clients to wear what feels like their most beautiful self (probably not a ballgown). If you are a jeans and T person, go with that. If you feel great in a pretty dress or skirt, do that. I have a Pinterest board that I share with clients for inspiration, and in general I recommend:

Layers. They add visual interest and texture, so consider an open kimono or sweater.

Avoid neon and too many busy patterns. For your top avoid black or white, because it hides the contours of your belly.

Dress yourself first, and then figure out complimentary (not matchy) outfits for the rest of the family.

3. Choose your location with purpose

Some families want to shoot their maternity photos at a lovely outdoor location. There are lots of great outdoor spots in Atlanta and Decatur that make beautiful, simple backdrops for photos.

I love including my client's home in their maternity photos, because the home is such a big part of the story. The nursery is ready and waiting, it's easier to include pets, and is especially fun when we will be doing a newborn session after baby arrives! In general people are more relaxed at home. Which leads me to my fourth tip:

4. Relax!

I get so nervous when my picture is being taken. I'm not sure why, but I've always felt this way. I get it. So I say this not to say it is easy, but because when you feel relaxed in photos, it shows. Try to have fun, and trust that your photographer will make you look good :)

Pregnant Mother with her husband and dogs at home

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