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5 Reasons You Want Lifestyle Newborn Photography

There are so many newborn photographers in Atlanta, with just as many different styles. A google search can be a bit overwhelming, with hundreds of options and styles. So which style is right for you?

First let's start with photography styles. It helps to know what the different styles are called, and what each style is about. Generally speaking, newborn photographers can be divided into three style categories: Portrait, Lifestyle and Documentary. You can think of these styles on a continuum from posed to unposed, with Lifestyle somewhere in between.

Lifestyle newborn Photographers tell a story, and they do not pose your baby in any unnatural or fake ways. Lifestyle sessions usually take place in your home, or at an outdoor location. The focus is on natural surroundings and connections rather than perfectly lit cheesy photos of your baby.

I think the best newborn photographers are lifestyle photographers. This is the style that resonates with me. Honest and authentic non-cheesy stories. Somewhere between the other two photography styles, portrait and documentary.

[When I first started out I thought that I had to do babies in baskets because that's what people wanted. So I lugged all of my props to people's homes, and all of my images started to look the same. I sold the beanbag and haven't looked back!]

Portrait photographers often have a studio, or bring their backdrops and props into your home, and they often use artificial lights. This is a common style that I call the baby in a basket style. The Anne Geddes look where two photos are combined in post production to make it seem as though the newborn is holding up her own head on her hands, or the newborn is hanging from a tree branch. While I can appreciate the beauty in some of these images, it is not the style for me.

Documentary newborn Photographers act like a fly on the wall. These sessions usually take place in your home, and the photographer does not give direction. I love this style, and some of my images could be described this way, but I like the comfort of some direction. However, many of the in between shots end up being my favorites!

Now that you understand the newborn photography styles, you can figure out which one is right for you.

5 Reasons You Want Lifestyle Newborn Photography:

1. Your story is unique, and your family photos should be as well.

2. Real smiles are way better than fake ones, and lifestyle photos make room for fun and real interactions.

3. Your Home is amazing because of the love in it, and it should be included in your story. Not because it is pinterest worthy, but because it is your home. Have you ever looked at your own childhood photos and been reminded of your amazing doll house that your dad made you and you had forgotten about? I have!

4. Newborn photo sessions are about the newest member of your family, so the whole family should be included (even pets!)

5. You don't typically keep your baby in a basket, so why would you have photos of your baby in a basket?


Mother and baby with dog

newborn and big brother in a nursery

newborn baby yawning

natural newborn photography, dad and baby

Chanda Williams is a lifestyle family photographer in Atlanta and Decatur, offering in home newborn photography. She has been telling family stories through photography since 2010. You can find pricing information here.

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