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7 Things I Love and Look For at Family Photo Sessions

A long time client and friend moved out of Atlanta a few months ago, and she asked me to help her find a family photographer in her new city. I photographed her family when she and her partner were expecting their first baby, and over the next six years as their family continued to grow. She wasn't finding anyone online who seemed to shoot in a similar style as me and who was also affordable. Helping her with her search got me thinking about both my style and my pricing.

When it comes to pricing, I include the digital images in all of my collections because that is what is best for me and my client. I want to deliver every gorgeous photo that I shoot at a session, and I don't want my clients to have to choose between them. It just feels right and is what I want.

With that said I can not stress how much I want my clients to print my work. But that's the subject of another blog post ;-) I shoot with albums in mind, but my clients do not have to buy an album from me. The albums I offer are archival and heirloom quality. But I get it if my client doesn't want or can not afford that.

When it comes to my style, I started thinking about what I love to photograph at Family photo sessions. Here's my top 7:

1. Belly Laughs. The real ones that couldn't be further from "say cheese." The laughs that often end with rolling around on the floor. Those are moments I love.

fun family photography

2. Quiet Moments. Sometimes they happen toward the end of a session or when a little one falls down. Either way, they make my heart melt. I can close my eyes and remember those sweet moments.

authentic family photography in atlanta


3. Shadows. I think shadows are just gorgeous. When I first started photographing families I wanted all extremely well lit houses. Now that seems so flat to me. Shadows can add so much!

atlanta kids photographer


4. Rolls. Oh, the rolls. Enough said.

Atlanta newborn photography


5. Hands. Mom's hands brushing her daughter's hair. Dad's arms wrapped around his son who will one day be as big as him. We show love through touching, and when you have small kids you do a lot of it that seems ordinary, but is so extraordinary.

atlanta family photo-journalism

6. Childhood. Kids being kids; really. The mischief and wonder, and their unabashed curiosity is so beautiful! Play is such a big part of my family sessions.

7. Connection. Last but certainly not least. Eye contact, snuggles, all of it. That's what it's all about!

atlanta family photographer

atlanta newborn photographer

Are you interested in booking a family photo session? Check out pricing and contact me to chat! My family sessions are custom to you and your family, and together we will figure out a way to have fun and make gorgeous photos that you will cherish!

Let's tell the beautifully wild story of your family

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