Atlanta Family Film | A Birthday Portrait | Jackson at 1.

Atlanta Family Film | A Birthday Portrait | Jackson at 1.

Sweet Jackson turned one year old last month, and I had so much fun creating a family film to celebrate the occasion! I arrived before he woke up from his nap, and I absolutely adore his reaction to us walking into his room when he woke up! He's such a sweet boy, and it will not be very long until he is out of his crib, and not long after that he will stop napping all together. These early days of parenting can seem so long and tedious, but it actually only lasts briefly. I'm glad we were able to preserve the memory of a smiling boy standing in his crib smiling when Mama enters the room after nap time.

For the rest of the film we just went about an ordinary day, but by slowing down and capturing it through video, we get to see the extraordinary of the everyday. Getting Jackson dressed at this moment is a physical task that takes patience and skill. His meals are dramatic and hilarious, with Sam the dog waiting and ready. And of course his very quick army crawl will be gone soon when he learns how to walk.

Family Videography tells your story through motion.

A Family Film is a home movie of sorts, only better. It is many small video clips strung together and set to licensed music, to tell a story. I tell beautifully wild family stories in three genres that overlap a bit: Home Movies, A Birthday Portrait, and A 365 Project. Each Family Film also includes 15+ edited still images. You can find pricing here, and if you are ready to book your film session, you can reach out here! We can start planning your family film that will become a family treasure!

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