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ATlanta Family Photography | Ormewood Park

One of the absolute best parts of being a family photographer is watching families grow larger, and documenting babies grow into small people and then into young adults. It's really cool to pop into the lives of other families every so often. Without fail, I am always shocked at how big the kids are!

This was definitely the case when I photographed the Sibumas a few weeks ago. Our first photo session was about 7 years ago, and now their oldest son is taller than me! I think it's one of those beautifully human experiences, to be in awe of kids as they grow up--even if it makes me feel old :)

We started off our outdoor family photo session with some portraits, just as spring was starting to happen in Atlanta. Once we got a few different spots and combinations down, we headed to the playground for some beautifully wild chaos!

I always try to get some cute photos of the parents together, who often haven't had their picture taken alone since their wedding. And I always get individual portraits of each kid--they don't have to smile if they don't want to (although I definitely try to get them to naturally), but I really want their personality to come through.

And then we moved on to the chaos of the playground. I love taking portraits, especially when they show the connections between people, but the wild and crazy candids are what really gets me going. Watching these siblings play together and capturing the sweet and silly was a lot of fun.

And the shot of Mom being pushed on the swing by her kids is one of my favorites!


Chanda Williams is a natural light family photographer and film maker, for laid back families in Atlanta who recognize how quickly time is moving. Her honest approach to documenting real moments and connections allows families to preserve the memories they are making while also telling their beautifully wild story. Photography available all over Atlanta and Decatur.


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