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Cultivating Connection through Photography

I finished a virtual workshop for photographers this week taught by Kyla Ewert--who is amazing (if you are ever in the Northwest and looking for a family photographer, look her up).

Learning is one of my favorite hobbies, and am always in some kind of workshop or another (in fact I already started Annie Leibovitz's photography masterclass!)

But Kyla's was a really good workshop. It resonated with me on a few different levels, and I feel like it was perfect timing for me in my life right now.

One cool thing that she talked about is this need we have to put ourselves in a box, or category. To say "I am a (fill in the blank) type of photographer," which is just so limiting. I love to take photographs of people that make me feel something, and it's ok if sometimes that is a portrait and sometimes it is documentary photography!

I could go on and on about how much I grew as a human and as a photographer over the past two weeks, but instead I will share some of the work I created as homework:

It was clear to me throughout the past few weeks that photography for me is about connection and storytelling, and it is those photos that I get excited about.


Chanda is a family photographer and film maker in Atlanta. She provides genuine storytelling photography and films for laid back families who recognize how quickly it all goes by. Through an honest approach to documenting real moments and connections, she allows families to preserve the memories they are making while also telling their beautifully wild story.


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