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DAY IN THE LIFE | Atlanta family Documentary Photography

Six Atlanta Photographers with a passion for documentary photography spent the day photographing each other's families. Not posing, and not even offering guidance--simply being a fly on the wall and capturing the beauty in the every day.

The result is a peek into the day of each family, and below are my favorites (plus links to each photographer's website). Enjoy!

Also--check out the bedtime routine shot by Heather Tully over on Instagram:

Documentary family photography is so refreshing to me in a world of perfection on social media ruining our lives. It is honest, and it's perfection lies in the personalities, love and connections captured.

Family photos should be unique, just like your family.

Motherhood and families are messy and that's what makes them special. By photographing in a documentary style for families, we can show the beauty in the everyday!

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