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Decatur Family Film | Home Movies | The Browns

Atlanta Family Videography

I created a Home Movie for the Brown Family in their beautiful Decatur home. In thinking about how to show this family's story in this moment, I wanted to capture what an ideal Saturday morning might be like for them. We decided to go with PJs and Pancakes--with plenty of snuggles and laughter.

Family videography sessions are about having fun, and this session was definitely that. It's about creating a home movie that is curated and shows the personality of your family right now.


Storytelling through Videography: The magic of home movies, curated and set to licensed music. Your story in motion.

I am offering family films in three overlapping genres: The 365 project, A Birthday portrait, and Family Films.

The 365 Project films capture your child’s first year in a moving and beautiful way. It includes three sessions to make one film—newborn, 6 month and one year.

A Birthday Portrait is just that: a portrait of your child at this moment. This age, this voice and this way of moving through the world is unique to now, and is fleeting.

Home Movies document your whole family in this moment, whether it is the beauty of your everyday or a big event in your lives. I like to think of these sessions in terms of an ideal Saturday morning, and what that looks like for you right now.

The process of making a family film, regardless of genre, begins with a questionnaire. Once I receive your answers I brainstorm some ideas, and set up a time to talk with you. Together we will create a plan for your film. The day of (or days if we are doing a 365 project broken into three sessions), we will loosely follow the plan we came up with. But we will focus on having fun, and making a family film.

Every film session includes some still photography as well.

Ready to book your Family Film? See Pricing, and Contact me!

decatur family photographer
decatur family photographer
decatur family photographer
decatur family photographer

decatur family photographer

decatur family photographer


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