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Documentary Family Awards Winning Image

I enter photography competitions in order to push myself past my comfort zone. It is super scary saying I think this picture is award worthy, go ahead and judge me and my skills.

Documentary family photography is my favorite "type" of photography. Telling stories of connection and family is what makes my heart sing.

Documentary Family Awards hosts two international competitions a year, with varying categories and a live judging. So if your photo makes it past the preliminary judges, you get to actually hear the conversation that the judges have about your image. It's intense and scary and yes I have talked at my computer before.

When I saw that one of the categories this round was Teenagers: Single photographs that document the life of or around the teenage experience, I knew exactly what image I would submit.

This photograph holds so much meaning for me, as it represents a transition into adulthood, while fully supported. It is an ordinary moment that many people go through, and the connection is physical and real.

I am honored that it was chosen as the best image among so many really great pictures. You can see the top 10 images here.

Founded in 2017, the Documentary Family Awards (DFA) provides a platform that celebrates the very best documentary family photography from around the world, while also supporting photographers through open online educational events. With one of the most transparent judging processes in the industry, the DFA streams online its entire final round of judging for anyone to watch, providing a unique opportunity for viewers to learn from leading documentary photographers, photojournalists and editors during in-depth discussions and debates.


Chanda Williams is a natural light family photographer for Atlanta families who recognize how quickly it is going by, and who appreciate true stories.


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