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Documentary Family Photography in Atlanta | Freddie at 6 months Old

Family Photography | Freddie at 6 Months

I have a confession: I'm not really a baby person. But the time of life around the 6-month-old milestone is when it starts getting good. Every moment is an experience, every conversation a new expression of love. Documentary family photography captures the essence of these precious moments before they slip away in a blur of days. I recently photographed a chill Saturday morning with this family in honor of Freddie at 6 months old.

Enjoy a few of my favorite pictures from our time together:

baby in crib

Baby smiling in his crib

6 month old lying on his tummy in his crib

Dog looking at the camera with a baby in the background

Dad getting a bottle out of the fridge while holding his baby

Family heading out for a walk with the stroller and dog

Dad flying his smiling baby in the air

Mother kissing her baby

Baby in his chair waiting to eat

Mom feeding an easily distracted baby at home

Baby trying to drink milk and spilling it

Family reading their baby a book in the nursery

Documentary Photography: Capturing the Essence of the Moment

There are many different types of family photography, and my favorite is documentary. To me that means that as the photographer I am a fly on the wall. I'm not posing or moving things to create a vision, but instead I'm telling the story as I see it. Candid photos done artfully and in a creative way.

Celebrate Your Family's Personality with Documentary Family Photography

No two families are alike, and I think family photography can be just as unique. My favorite locations for family photoshoots are the locations that are meaningful to you and your family. This is often at home, or out and about in your world. It's in these locations that we can tell the story of your family right now.

The Magic of Documentary Family Photography: Embrace the Journey

One of the best parts about documentary family photo sessions is how laid back they are. There is zero pressure to behave a certain way, dress a certain way or do anything at all. If your family life is a little chaotic right now, our session might be too--and that is perfect. I can tell you it is not the perfectly posed photos of my family that I love the most, it is the pictures that take me back to that feeling. That is magic!

Documentary Family Photography: A Meaningful Heirloom to Cherish

What better gift to give toy your children than family photography? Because that first year of a baby's life is sort of a blur, I offer a collection that includes three sessions throughout the year--a newborn, 6 month old, and 1 year old session, and then I design and order you an heirloom photo album with your favorites from all three sessions. We can also include a maternity session too, if you want to tell even more of your story.

Photos are meant to be more than digital. I think kids are missing out because most photos never leave screens. A gorgeous album is my favorite way to display photos, especially from day in the life documentary sessions.


Family photography is a beautiful way to capture all the love, beauty, and personality of your little one at the 6-month-old milestone. The power of photographic storytelling is a meaningful way to create timeless memories.

Ready to book your family photo session? Or maybe you are looking to document the first year of your baby's life. Let's talk!


Chanda Williams is a natural light family photographer and videographer serving laid back families in Atlanta and Decatur. She makes real life photos and videos to tell the beautifully messy story of family.


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