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Nanoo's House | A Family Film

I recently came across a Family Film that I made for my own family a few years back. It's a film I made in East Point at my Mother-in-law's house, with my husband and our kids. We made the film after my Mother-in-law's first big round of cancer treatments, and as she prepared to sell her home and move to the mountains of North Georgia.

The family film was in honor of Nanoo, and also of her house that we had years of memories in. As I watch the video now, I am tempted to completely re edit the whole thing--I've learned a lot in 5 years--but really it is perfect.

Because the thing about family photography and videography is that its value increases with time.

My boys are five years older now, and we lost their Nanoo two years ago. But we have this video, and I am so grateful for it. My now 10 year-old sat in my lap to watch it a few times.

Video lets us hear our loved ones in a way that no longer exists because of time. Hearing Nanoo's laugh again, not to mention my 5 year old's tiny voice, is precious.

Enjoy this family film of my own family, and I hope it makes you realize how amazing family videography could be for your own family. It definitely got me thinking about the next family film I will make for my family.


Are you interested in the idea of a family film, but not sure where to start? I get it. Send me a message and we can schedule a call. Together we will come up with a loose plan for your family film.

One of the first things I'll ask you to tell me about is:

What do you hope to never forget about your life right now?

This could be aspects of your day to day with your kids, it could be the house that you brought your baby home to, or it could be the relationship your kids have with a grandparent. Maybe it is your toddler's giggle, or what an amazing Mom you are! All of these things are important and worthy of documenting through video and photos. They are all details that become fuzzy, and photos and videos give you that memory back.

Your list of what you never want to forget might be long, but we will figure out some locations and activities that y'all can do during our session based on your answers.


More details about Family Films:

  • Family Films are documentary sessions with a loose plan--there aren't planned shots, no pressure to perform. Just like my photography sessions, I will tag along with you and your family, filming small video clips at a time. Then I'll put short clips together to make a 3-4 minute film set to licensed music.

  • All family film sessions include a few photographs too, typically some portraits. Because photography is my first love :)

  • I'm totally open to travel, as long as you cover the cost of it! Metro Atlanta or beyond, I want to tell your family's story wherever it's happening.

  • The film's music selection will be a licensed song that feels right to me. I welcome a discussion around genres or styles that you like--I want you to love your video as much as I do!

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