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Family Photography At Home | Kirkwood Atlanta

Especially over the past year, our homes are such a big part of our family's story. Which is why I love family photoshoots on the porch and in the front yard of a client's house. Every porch is unique; special to and special because of the family who lives there.

I am open to photographing families in random pretty locations, but it's not my favorite. I want to tell a real story, and most families I know are not hanging out in pretty fields...but more importantly I know that photos that include your genuine story are going to be more special to you when you look back.

Family photography doesn't have to be cheesy; it can be natural and tell your true story

I had a great time photographing this sweet family at their house last spring. Their baby girl is such a fun age to photograph, those first unsure steps and chunky thighs are the best! We picked an early start time to beat the heat and have that gorgeous early morning light.

My favorites:


Chanda is a natural light family photographer serving laid back families in Atlanta who appreciate just how quickly it all goes by. She provides soulful, genuine, feel good photography, and her honest approach to documenting real moments and connections allows families to preserve the memories they are making while also telling their beautifully wild story.

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