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Family Photography | Atlanta

A Recent Family Photoshoot in Atlanta

I recently photographed this beautiful family while they were visiting Georgia. They are past clients of mine and I'm so glad we were able to schedule a photo session while they were here. Such an honor!

I have a soft spot for young men being sweet to their younger siblings, and this photoshoot was filled with just that. Maybe it's because I am the mother of a teenager, but I think it's touching to see a usually guarded young person be open and loving with his brother and sister. I'm so glad I could capture this during our session.

Enjoy some of my favorites from this outdoor family session:

Family laughing outside
Big brother lifting up his brother

Family playing basketball

Dad holding his kids and laughing

Boy on the playground looking at his dad

Little boy climbing the slide at a playground

Family blowing bubbles

Mom pushing her kids on the swings

Boy on a swing smiling

Siblings holding hands

Little girl smiling

Big brother helping little boy play basketball

Brother picking up his little sister

Mom playing basketball with her kids

Smiling mom holding her son

Girl swinging and smiling

Mom and teenage son looking at his phone

Little boy on a swing at playground


Family photography does not have to be boring pictures of well behaved kids. Documentary family photography embraces the chaos to tell the beautifully wild story of family. It is family photojournalism that preserves the memories while making them.


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