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Family Photography | Midtown Atlanta

Custom Family Photography in Atlanta

I have met and photographed so many great families over the years, and I learn over and over again that each family is unique. Despite common dynamics and emotions that I see at each family photoshoot, the story that I get to tell is always unique to that family.

Photoshoot Locations Should be Meaningful not Just Pretty

The photoshoot location plays a huge role in making family photos unique. That's why I always prefer to use a location that is meaningful to each specific family. A lot of times that is at my client's home, or out and about in their little piece of the world. When these clients contacted me they mentioned that they often spend Friday evenings around the corner from their house in Midtown at Piedmont Park, so that's exactly what we did during our session.

Documentary Family Photos Tell a Family's Unique Story

I love a good family portrait, and I always try to get a few good ones of each family that I work with. Not to be too dramatic about it, but I think portraits are an important part of history. And documentary family photography makes my heart sing. It is real, and beautiful, and tells the story of a family like no other photography can. Real life is the best, and when it comes to kids and families you just can't make this stuff up! See the picture below of Dad shooting bubbles at his crying toddler lol

Enjoy this and some more of my favorite pictures from this recent family photo session at home and then at Piedmont Park:

Family sitting on their front steps together

Mom tickling her toddler on the grass

Mother and daughter swinging and laughing

Family walking past a mural in Atlanta

Family portrait

Toddler running with Mom smiling in the background

Family playing with bubbles in Piedmont Park

Girl rolling down a grassy hill

Dad shooting bubbles at his crying daughter

Baby girl sitting in the park with her dad

Little girl playing with the grass between her toes

Mom running with her daughter at the park at sunset

Toddler surrounded by bubbles with the Atlanta skyline behind her

Mother and daughter snuggling

Family getting popsicles at Piedmont park

Toddler in front of the king of pops vendor

Family eating popsicles at the park

Toddler sharing her popsicle with her mom at the park

Dad cleaning his daughters face at the park

Family photography can be stress free!

Natural Family photography and videography for laid back families in Atlanta who recognize how quickly it's all going by, and who see the beauty in their messy everyday lives.


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