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Candid Family Photography at Home

Family photographers in Atlanta all have their own unique style. We each approach sessions differently, and the art we make can be very different. I'd describe my style as documentary family photography with a dash of portrait photography to tell a true story. This is often referred to as "photojournalistic" or "documentary storytelling."

By combining the observational approach of documentary photography with the personal connection of portraiture, I hope to create powerful visual narratives that resonate with generations to come.


A Recent Family Photography Session

I recently photographed this sweet family in their new home, and it was all so great--they were fun and their house is amazing. I could photograph people in their sunroom all day!

We had a laid back photoshoot, with their two year old leading the way. That's exactly how I like to photograph families--stress free and going with the flow. If everyone is having a good time we will get amazing photos.

We headed outside for a bit, did some bike riding and smelled the flowers. Back inside they snacked and read books...I photographed what their life is like right now with a two year old--tantrums and all. Because it's funny, and adorable, and this stage of their lives will be over before they catch their breaths!

Candid family photography can stop time, and preserve a family's story. There's no need for styling and poses when the everyday is perfect. Real life is the best.

Enjoy a few of my favorite pictures that I took that day:

Family playing in their front yard

Dad tickling his daughter in their yard

Dad helping his daughter and her bike

Mom hugging daughter on tricycle

Mom holding her daughter in the sunlight

Little girl pouting on the couch

little girl crying with her dog in the living room

Dad and daughter playing peek a boo

Little girl at home playing

Family in their sunroom

Portrait at home of a little girl

Mom reading to her daughter at home

Daughter kissing her father

Girl being silly at home

Laughing girl playing in her sunroom

Little girl resting on a chair

Family laughing on the couch at home


Chanda Williams is a natural light documentary family photographer and film maker in Atlanta. She offers her clients genuine images of their lives that tell their story.


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