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Family Photojournalism and Videography in Atlanta | Capturing the beauty of each age

Atlanta Family Videography | A Portrait of Helen and James at 5 Years Old

As a family videographer, I have had the privilege of capturing countless family video sessions over the years, each one a unique and special experience. Recently, I had the opportunity to make a family film for one of my very favorite families in the world, and it was a fun and memorable occasion.

With this film I wanted to celebrate the babies of their family, their 5 year-old twins, Helen and James. Five is such an incredible age. It's a time of joy, as they explore the world around them and start to become individuals.

As a family photographer, I am always looking for ways to capture the essence of my subjects. With twins, that essence is doubled! It makes for an incredibly cool and rewarding photography experience.

The Family Film Process

Sometimes when I make a family film my client and I come up with a loose plan for our time together. This loose plan works as a scaffolding for our video session, and ultimately the film I create.

For this session our only plan was to meet at the school bus stop, and simply spend the afternoon together. I wanted to show a typical afternoon at their house, while focusing on the 5 year olds. I was not disappointed! The chaos unfolded and I was able to go with the flow to document their unique personalities while including the rest of the family.

For every family video session I shoot, I make sure to include at least 10 to 15 still photos so the client can have both moving and still images to remember the day. As a professional photographer and videographer, I understand how powerful photographs can be in conveying emotion and capturing a moment in time. Photography is a part of my video session services because together, video and photography are a powerful combination that can truly preserve memories and celebrate life.

A creative family photo of twins standing in their bedroom window talking to their dog

A small girl at home showing off her missing tooth

 mom and her son playing a game in their living room in Atlanta

A unique documentary photo of a little girl in her yard, with her dog poking through the fence

An artistic portrait of a little girl smiling with missing teeth

A Mom and her three children at home in a creative family portrait

The Importance of Capturing this Moment

I'm at the point where my kids are growing up, so I know this moment in the twins' life will not last long. I also know that parents are so busy, and that it's hard to pay attention to the details, let alone remember them. They will have this family film forever as a reminder of this beautiful stage in their lives.

I actually get giddy thinking about Helen and James showing this film to their children. Just imagine how cool that would be!

Helen and James are at a magical age that will be gone way too soon, and this family film will help them remember this special moment in their lives. It captures the personalities, loves, and life of their family and will make a wonderful keepsake to look back on years from now. I'm thrilled that their parents will be able to watch this video and hear their babies once they are all grown up.


Experience the joy that professional family photojournalism and videography can bring, and capture a memorable moment in your family's life. Reach out today to learn more about the process and how to create an amazing keepsake to look back on years from now!

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