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Family Photojournalism | Friday Night at Arabia Mountain

I've been trying hard to slow down and enjoy my children. Time is flying by, and I have a teenager who will be an adult before we know it. My family loves exploring outside, and we recently spent a lovely Friday evening at Arabia mountain. It was perfectly imperfect, Taco Bell picnic and all. I will cherish these photographs of my family forever, and I even got in front of the camera for a few!

Family photography does not have to mean stiff portraits. So much of our time together is chaotic and busy, it is not usually sitting quietly and smiling. Our beautiful mess is so special to me. I think that's why documentary family photography speaks to me.

These photos from our family outing are a good representation of my style of photography. Family photojournalism, with a couple of portraits sprinkled in. All of my family sessions include documentary style photographs, of family being family and kids being kids, as well as more posed group shots. But it's the connecting and love that is obvious in the posed shots that I love!

It is a huge compliment when clients tell me they actually enjoyed their session. They are always surprised! It's better for everyone if we all relax and have fun. That's when the beautiful photos will happen.

I want pictures of my kids being themselves. Pictures of our family having fun and being together in the world. I want a story, not just pretty. I want to remember my kids at this moment in their lives, and I also want to remember the great Mom that I am! My memory isn't the greatest, and I want to capture these memories forever.

Enjoy a little bit of my own story:


Do you want to document a family adventure? Email me and let's plan an awesome evening with your family!


Chanda Williams is a natural light photographer in Atlanta, specializing in natural and emotive family photography.


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