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Family Photojournalism | Atlanta

We made it to 2022! Another surreal year is in the books, and I'm really excited about the fresh start a new year brings. But one of my last family photo sessions in December was with the awesome Head family in Decatur. I photographed them at home, just being their cute selves, and I love the photos we got that day.

Activities are a great way to distract everyone during a family photoshoot, so that I can slip into the background and capture the moments that are naturally happening. When there is a two year old involved the activities change quickly, and at this session the family baked muffins, hung the daily Christmas ornament, played in their yard, and cared for their beautiful chickens...side note: I wish there were chickens at every family photo session :)

I love the photos from our photoshoot because they are real, and they are pictures that tell an honest story of this family right now. We got some cute environmental portraits of them together, and I also shot family documentary photographs. This combination of styles is what family photojournalism is, and I'm excited to share some of my favorites from our session:

Family portrait on the front porch

Mom with the dog smiling at her son

Mom and dad playing with their son outside

Mother and son laughing in the yard
Boy with mud on his face and mom laughing

Mom and son playing in yard

Family hugging in the front yard

Dad tossing his son playfully

Family in their living room at christmas

Family decorating their christmas tree

Father and son next to Christmas tree
Family in their kitchen
Mom and son baking

Man holding pet chicken looking at his dog

Family petting their chicken in the yard

Mom and son laughing in the yard
Boy chasing his chicken

Mom carrying her laughing son

Family snuggling on their porch swing

Boy excited for muffins in the kitchen
Boy staring ta baked muffins
Boy eating with spilled milk
dog cleaning up spilled milk

Boy playing on his porch at home

Dad and son playing ball on the porch

Boy on his porch with toys

Family snuggling on porch swing

Couple snuggling with their dog at home

Boy riding his scooter

Mother and son looking in the chicken coop

Mom holding a pet chicken for her son

Boy crying in his dads arms


Chanda Williams is a natural light family photographer and film maker for laid back families in Atlanta and Decatur who recognize how fast it is all going by.


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