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Fresh48 Photography | The Birth Story Collective

I recently photographed and blogged a Fresh48 photo session for The Birth Story Collective:

This family welcomed a baby girl into their family, and we photographed a Fresh48 and a Coming Home session for them. Their baby girl is so adorable, and we are just thrilled for everyone that she is finally here! All of the excited Grandparents joined us for the Coming Home session, which was super fun!


The hours and days after your baby is born can easily be described as magical. The wait is finally over—all of the planning and daydreaming about your baby gives way to the actual parenting of her. And soon enough, despite all of your efforts, you don’t really remember the details of those first days.

A Fresh48 session captures a little of that magic forever. The magic of the in between time that you spend in the cocoon of your postpartum hospital room. Your baby is finally here but you are not yet in the daily routine of life with a newborn baby. You and your partner are just getting to know this little one. Siblings are meeting for the first time, and life will never be the same for your family as it it is in those first days.

The Birth Story Collective, a group of three women who believe in documenting and supporting birth and families, are proud to offer Fresh48 Photography and Videography in Atlanta and Decatur. Find out more at


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