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At home Family Photography | Decatur, GA

I photographed this sweet family at their house in Decatur recently. I absolutely love doing family photo sessions in my client's home. Especially coming off of so many outdoor fall sessions at parks, it was really exciting for me to show a slice of this family's real life through photography. Your home is so personal, and such a big part of your life, and I think that including it makes the images more special. I love the intimacy of these pictures.

A little girl looking out the window

little girl at home on the couch

winnona park decatur family photographer


The house I grew up in was incredible--I mean the actual 1910 of it but also the love that my Mom and brothers filled it with. My Mom sold that house the year after I left for college. It probably wouldn't surprise anyone that I really enjoy looking at old pictures. In fact, this Christmas at my Mom's will inevitably include going through a box of photos. I get so excited when I find pictures of my childhood that include our home. The where of so much of my childhood. That couch that left the marks on my face when I fell asleep on it...the bunkbed covered in stickers that contributed to one trip to the ER...that gorgeous stove that I saw my Mom cook at so many times.

Most family pictures are of vacations of course, because that's when people remember to take pictures. And many family photo sessions take place in gorgeous parks and gardens, and I love that. But I also want to honor the where, the place that most of our family interactions happen. Our extraordinary everyday lives.

Family is in a constant state of change as kids grow up and parents age. This family's oldest will be graduating high school next spring. They are also moving out of state next year. So it was even more special that we included this beautiful home they have made.


Chanda Williams is a family photographer and videographer in Atlanta, capturing authentic and emotive moments. She specializes in lifestyle maternity, newborn and family photography and videography.

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