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my family documentary photography session

As seems to be the case with many photographers, I really don't like being photographed. I feel awkward and uncomfortable and I really really don't like it.

BUT...I was honored to be part of a Day in The Life Round Robin last month with 5 other photographers, and it was amazing. Candid family photography not only rings true to life, but it takes all of the pressure off!

Family photo-journalism tells a story. It is honest and beautiful simply because of the love and connections. I will cherish the beautiful photos that Kaleen Enke took of my crazy family--and I have already printed some!

Kaleen followed us around as we went for ice cream and then hung out together at the house. It was a really nice afternoon with the family that happened to be captured beautifully. Enjoy some of my favorites!

This shoot was part of a Day-In-The-Life in Atlanta session, where photographers showed how different families spent the day.


Chanda Williams is a storyteller in Atlanta, specializing in family photography and videography.


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