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I've been photographing the Barbour family since before the twins were born (7 years ago!). They are such a sweet family, who happen to be my neighbors and friends. Our kids are growing up together. Which is why I was super excited when they booked their annual fall session.

We decided on a nearby park (Atlanta has so many pretty parks to choose from). When we arrived, the sun was starting to set--and the soccer league was starting to set up for their games! But alas, the beauty of photography--you can't see what's happening behind the camera. :-)

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I usually start my family photography sessions with a group shot of everyone looking at me. It's what everyone expects to do and what everyone wants at least a little of. So we get that out of the way first, and move on to the good stuff. The real stuff. The love and connections, and the plain old fun.

Throughout the session I try to get individual shots of each kid, looking at the camera but also candidly being themselves. I know that as a Mom I want both of those shots. I try to get a variety of shots that show a larger picture of who your baby is in this moment. She is at once the confident ballerina and the snugglebug who doesn't want to let go of you. Not only is that fine, I think it's wonderful! The last thing I want you to be thinking about is how your children are acting during our session.

We are not beautiful because we are perfect; we are moody and messy and our love and connections are beautiful!

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Chanda Williams is a family photographer and videographer telling the stories of families in Atlanta and Decatur with authenticity. Maternity, Birth, Newborn and Family.

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