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Newborn Photography | Tucker, GA

I recently photographed the Eovino family in honor of their newest addition to the family, newborn baby Noah. We had a great at home session full of snuggles and love. Big brother joined us part way through, and he was so incredibly gentle and sweet with the baby. I was impressed by how in love he already is!

Enjoy some of my favorites from our newborn session:

newborn baby

newborn baby

mother and newborn at home

mom and newborn at home

mom holding newborn

mom smiling at newborn baby

newborn baby

newborn baby

newborn baby

mother and her children at home
mom with her kids laughing

mother snuggling her babies

mom and babies snuggling

big brother holding newborn baby

big brother snuggling with baby
big brother with baby

little boy jumping on his bed


Newborn photo sessions are about your new baby, but they are also about your new family dynamic. Two are now three, and everything is different. I love capturing this new love and the connections in their new state. It is easy to let this moment of newborn fog slip by, and I love that my clients will be able to see these pictures forever. Pictures of an amazing Mother snuggling with both of her adorable boys!

The home we make is also a huge part of our story, and it's where your family is the most comfortable. That is why I like to shoot newborn sessions at home. This big brother was so proud to hold his baby brother on his big boy bed, followed by some fun jumping on his bed!

I prefer to include older siblings in newborn sessions--as much as they want to be included. Whatever level of participation is absolutely fine, because even a pouty older sibling is part of the story sometimes. I also try to get some nice shots of older siblings with parents, because I think it's important to make them feel special during this time of transition.


Ready to book your newborn session? Email me to get started!

Newborn sessions are best scheduled during the last months of pregnancy. When baby arrives we will schedule your session for about two weeks later. This gives everyone time to settle in, and it allows time for your baby to wake up a little. I want to see those beautiful eyes taking in the world.

When I arrive at your house for our session, I will take a look around to find great light and interesting spots. I offer guidance, but I really like to photograph your family a you are. That includes the fussing! Newborns fuss, and that's ok. They also eat a lot, and that's ok too. I schedule my newborn sessions for about two hours long, which gives plenty of time for whatever mood your newborn or toddler is in that day. We will just take our time and enjoy this beautifully wild moment.


Chanda Williams is a natural light photographer and videographer in Atlanta, specializing in authentic and emotive newborn and family photography.


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