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Newborn Photos At Home in Atlanta | Decatur

There is something very special about photographing a family in their home once they've added a newborn baby to their crew.

It's a transitional time for a family, while everyone is figuring out their new life. It's such a brief little blip in our lives that is incredibly important and definitely worthy of documenting through photography.

Newborns are adorable, but it's really the love being poured into this tiny human that is fascinating to me. The connections that are forming and the dynamics that are shifting are so beautifully human.

Each family has a unique newborn experience full of universals, which is why I offer newborn photoshoots in my client's home. Our homes are a huge part of the story, and I think newborn photos should be as unique as each family is.

I recently had the honor of photographing Simon's newborn session at home, and was particularly touched by his sweet big sister's energy. It was lovely to witness this tween girl learning to navigate this new family dynamic. I also fell in love with this family's Decatur home. It is simply gorgeous.

I don't think anything is better than real life.

By photographing memories we cement them. When Simon gets fussy his Dad puts him in a pouch t-shirt and plays the piano for him--and he calms instantly. It was so cool. And while the rest of the family might remember this later on (and maybe not), Simon will be able to see the picture, and the memory will now be permanent for Mom and Dad.

Newborn baby in a chair in the living room

Newborn baby wrapped in a blanket in moms arms

Mother holding her newborn baby on the couch at home in decatur

Mom holding newborn baby on the couch while Dad smiles in the background

Mom holding newborn while big sister leans in to watch

Mom holding newborn baby while big sister boops his nose

Mom holding newborn baby while big sister gives nose kisses

Big sister holds her baby brother at home

Newborn baby fussing while Dad dresses him

Parents holding their newborn in the nursery at home

Tween girl in her room tossing a pillow

Tween big sister reading a book to her newborn baby brother

Family in their dining room

Family laughing at home with a new baby

Family sitting on the bed with their newborn baby

Newborn baby snuggled in the crib at home

Mother kissing her newborn baby's tiny hand

Mother holding her newborn baby wrapped in a blanket and sleeping

Dad playing the piano for his newborn baby


Chanda Williams is a natural light family photographer and film maker in Atlanta. Offering laid back photography for busy parents who know this is a brief moment in their lives, and who recognize the importance of their story.

Whether it is a newborn photoshoot or a day at the pool with your teenagers, you will never regret being in the photo with your kids.

Want to talk more about how I can tell your family's story through photography or videography?

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