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YEAR IN THE LIFE Family Photography in Atlanta | December 2022

Family Photography in Atlanta | A Year in the Life

Wow, what an amazing experience to photograph the same families multiple times throughout the year. I learned so much, and had so much fun getting to know each family even better. You just can't make up the things I witnessed. The magic of childhood, the hard work of parenthood, and the love that connects them.

Photographing Year in the Life projects was what I envisioned my dream job as, it just took me this long to figure that out. I'm looking forward to continuing this project with these families into 2023, and starting with three new families. I love my job.

It's All About the Photo Album

Now that the year has ended, I've been going through each session to pick out my very favorite pictures that I made for each family during the year, in order to design their album. It's been so hard picking favorites. The other day it hit me that this is what it's all about! The photo album!

We had all of these sessions throughout the year, and each month my clients received more photos in their online gallery, but it was all just another step toward receiving a beautiful coffee table book style album. A sort of artful yearbook documenting the year. I am beyond thrilled to deliver these albums! I can imagine how awesome it will be to pull the book off the shelf years down the road and relive these memories.

December Year in the Life Photo Sessions

The end of the year was full of festive photoshoots, with lots of cousins and grandparents involved. We made and decorated cookies, toured the neighborhood to admire Christmas lights, visited the zoo and ice skated at Ponce City Market's rooftop. It was a great end to a year full of connections. Enjoy the highlights!

Mom smiling at her daughter ziplining at the atlanta zoo

Child tiptoeing toward a goat at the Atlanta Zoo

Little girl climbing the rails at Zoo Atlanta

Sisters in a photo booth at Zoo Atlanta

Little feet peeking out behind the photo booth curtain

Family admiring the pandas at Zoo Atlanta

Teenagers on the chair lift at Ponce City Market in Atlanta

Teenagers laughing at Ponce City Market Roof
Teenagers on the Roof at Ponce City Market in Atlanta

Family getting ice skates on at the Roof of Ponce City Market

Mother smiling at her teenage daughter ice skating in Atlanta

Teenagers ice skating in Atlanta

Dad and daughter making cookies at home

Father and daughter cooking together

Mom and daughter in the kitchen

Family making cookies at home

Little girl drinking milk

Little girl eating the cookie dough

Preschooler watching the cookies in the oven
Sisters excited next to the Christmas tree

Girl licking the cookie icing spoon

Family making cookies at home

Toddler in pajamas petting a cat

Mom smiling at her toddler making a mess

Mom and Dad sitting with their toddler at the table smiling

Sisters smiling next to Christmas flamingoes

Kids looking at Christmas lights on the sidewalk

Family lounging in their living room at Christmas time

Grandma playing with a kitten

Mom and kids looking up at their Christmas tree

Girl on moms lap, teasing her grandpa

Little boy eating his gingerbread house

Mom decorating a gingerbread house with her daughter in her lap

Kid jumping off of the couch onto pillows

Year in the Life is a subscription family photography service, with documentary family photography sessions monthly, bi-monthly or seasonal. Documentary family photography is artful candid photography that tell the story of real life in a beautiful way.

Chanda Williams is a natural light photographer in Atlanta, telling real life stories through photography and films. Serving intown Atlanta families who recognize how fast it's all going by as well as the beauty in all of their chaos, and who want to tell the true story of their family in a stress free way.


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