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YEAR IN THE LIFE Family Photography | July 2022 | Atlanta

Year in the Life Family Photography | July 2022

The Year in the Life family photography project is rolling right along--it's hard to believe we are past the halfway point of the year. School has started for most kids in Atlanta, and thoughts are wondering toward fall.

But it's still so hot here in Atlanta! My July photo sessions included lots of fun pool time, as well as visits from grandparents, and playing at the neighborhood park. Enjoy some of my favorites from this month's sessions:

Family sitting on the floor laughing and climbing on Dad

Mom laughing while her baby boy makes a mess with his breakfast

Mom cleaning up her baby after a messy breakfast

Little girl in a bathing suit with her matching umbrella

Family walking to their pool in Decatur

Girl running across the street toward the pool in Decatur

Mother nursing her son next to the Decatur pool

Family swimming while their daughter jumps in the pool

Kids eating a snack by the pool


Kids swinging in their backyard

Family talking on their back porch on a sunny day

Grandma holding the mixing bowl while her grandson licks the spoon

Mom and Dad hugging in the kitchen before dinner

Big brother smiling at his sister while they play legos

Little girl smelling her dinner in the kitchen while Dad and Grandma look on

Family laughing around the dinner table

Family eating dinner at home


Mom and Dad kiss while their kids wait for them in Kirkwood

Mom and Dad walking with their teenage daughter

Family at the basketball courts in Kirkwood Atlanta

Mom and son playing basketball

Boy playing basketball while big sister looks at her phone

Kids sitting in the park with a phone and a basketball

Couple going down the slide together

Boy swinging at the park playground


Toddler in music class

Mom and daughter walking in Kirkwood Atlanta

Toddler waving to people in the smoothie shop

Dad holding his toddler daughter's collar to hold her up

Toddler smiling on the park bench

Toddler sitting in Dad's lap while he drives

Little girl swimming from one parent to the other

Dad throwing his daughter in the air in the pool while Mom smiles at them

What is Year in the Life Family Photography?

Year in the Life is a monthly photography subscription, that includes a family photoshoot every month, every other month, or every season, to tell the story of your family over the calendar year.

Sign up for 2023 will begin in November 2022, and you should definitely shoot me an email if you want the chance to sign up.

These family photo sessions throughout the year are documentary sessions, with a few portraits along the way. At the end of the year I create a photo album of our time together.

What is Documentary Family Photography?

Documentary family photography means candid pictures of family being family. Little moments and big moments, I look for beautiful pictures of personality and connection that are real. No posing, nothing staged. Really and truly real life, because real life is the best.

Sometimes my clients plan a fun day, and sometimes I just tag along for part of an ordinary day. Either way is great, because I'm capturing those little amazing moments that happen everyday and are often overlooked.

I love about how laid back documentary family photography is. All you have to do is show up, and the kids don't have to do anything they don't want to do. Everyone is happy, and your family pictures are unique to your family.

Family photography will make you remember the details that make your life special. -Lavinia Nitu

I offer documentary family photography of varying length sessions to families in Decatur and the metro Atlanta area. From a Slice of Life Session that lasts 1-2 hours, up to a Day in the Life session that lasts around 8 hours and includes a photo album. I want to tell your beautifully wild story honestly.


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