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YEAR IN THE LIFE Family Photography | November 2022 | Atlanta

Documentary Family Photography

It's shocking to me that this year is coming to an end. I think photographing other families 2022 has made this year go by even faster than usual for me!

For my November Year in the Life family photo sessions I got to photograph a family's first camping trip at Stone Mountain, then a family's Saturday morning trip to Fernbank museum, and the month ended with lots of Christmas decorating.

As the year wraps up I'm looking forward to putting together my Year in the Life albums for my clients--even though I know it's going to be hard to pick my favorites from our year together. I'm excited for them to have these beautiful family yearbooks to look back on.

My favorite pictures from the time with my clients are the ones that capture the vibe of the family. I know that's really vague, but what I mean is the photos that show personalities and the way a family is together. Sometimes that is a joyful picture, and sometimes it is the tantrum in the middle of the museum. It's real life--universal and completely unique all at once.

You can't stage these amazing moments that I get to see and capture at each one of these sessions. Nothing is better than real life, and that's why documentary family photography is so incredible.

Documentary family photography means nothing posed. It is candid family photography, but candid with intention.

I like to get the occasional posed portrait--and I do think that portraits are important and beautiful pictures to have. But to me the meat of the coconut is the everyday moments of love and connection. The experience and magic of childhood. The details of our lives as families that make us who we are, that lasts for such a brief moment in life.

The days are long but the years are short

The best part of documentary family photography is that nobody has to do anything they don't want to do. Your chaos is beautiful and your family is perfect just as they are in each moment. Whether you plan a special day or I document an hour out of an ordinary day, I try to make beautiful images that show the love, personality and connection you all have.

Enjoy some of my favorite photos from my November Year in the Life photoshoots:

Family climbing at the playground

Sisters holding hands on a walk

Baby boy hiding in his hands

Baby boy playing peek-a-boo outside

Family eating dinner at the campsite

Kids playing in the rain

Family making s'mores at Stone Mountain campgrounds

Sisters climbing on a bunkbed

Family arriving at Fernbank museum

Dad watching his daughter play on the floor of Fernbank museum in Atlanta

Dad rushing to stop his daughter from climbing at the museum

Girl faced down having a tantrum at the museum while Dad sits next to her

Small girl playing in the playground tunnel
Sisters sliding together and laughing

Dad patiently waiting out a temper tantrum at the museum

Family going christmas tree shopping in atlanta

Little girl standing among the Christmas trees

Family arriving home with their new Christmas tree

Parents carrying their Christmas tree inside

Girl wrapped in the Christmas tree netting

Girl putting lights on a Christmas tree at home

Family decorating a Christmas tree

Mom and son laughing while decorating the Christmas tree

Mom and daughter admiring their decorated Christmas tree

Mom and son trying to get a fire started

Boy running on the sidewalk with fire wood

Family playing volleyball in their front yard

Dad and son chasing a ball in the front yard

Teenager putting glasses on her dog

Family decorating the Christmas tree

Teenager sitting by the fire warming her hands

Mom and teenage daughter hanging Christmas lights on the house


Year in the Life is a year long subscription with an album at the end...sort of like a family yearbook. Mostly documentary photos of family being family, the monthly subscription is offered at three levels: monthly, bi-monthly and seasonally.

I also offer Day in the Life photo sessions any time of the year. I offer these as 3-4 or 6-8 hours long, and you are welcome to include special activities or plan nothing at all. Day in the Life photo sessions include an album to display your photos in and have forever.

Real life is the best, or in other words:

You just can't make this s*** up :)


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