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YEAR IN THE LIFE Family Photography | September 2022 | Atlanta

Documentary Family Photography

September arrived, temperatures dropped, and everyone seemed so ready for fall! My September Year in the Life photo sessions started with a very special 5th birthday celebration, and included a morning in downtown Decatur (with breakfast at Waffle House). The end of the month was all about getting ready for Halloween, with a trip to a pumpkin patch, and decorating the house.

Documentary photography means nothing posed. I do get the occasional posed portrait, and I do think that portraits are important and beautiful pictures to have. But to me the meat of the coconut is the everyday moments of joy and connection. The details of our lives as families that make us who we are, and that turn out to be fleeting.

The days are long but the years are short

The best part of documentary family photography is that nobody has to do anything they don't want to do. Your chaos is beautiful and your family is perfect just as they are in each moment. Whether you plan a special day or I document an hour out of an ordinary day, I try to make beautiful images that show the love, personality and connection you all have.

Enjoy some of my favorites from my September Year in the Life photo sessions:

Girl playing in the yard with a number 5 balloon

Little girl running through the yard

Birthday celebration in the dining room

Dog watching the little girls plate carefully for dropped food

Roller skating in the house and laughing

Girl cutting her birthday cake while her mom watches on

Family in Decatur next to a mural

Brother and sister holding hands

Boy in a store excited about a toy

Mother and son in a bookstore

Mom and daughter in a Decatur store

Family eating at a restaraunt

Mom laughing at the breakfast table in a restaurant

Teenagers on their phone in the car

Preschooler in a corn maze

Dad carrying little girl off a tractor ride

Girl at a petting zoo

Mom holding her daughter

Dad holding his daughter to pet a horse

Mom and daughter at a petting zoo

Mom carrying her daughter at the pumpkin patch

Girl standing next to sunflowers

Family at a pumpkin patch

Family at home decorating the house for halloween

Mom and dad in a tree to hang decorations

Boy decorating the yard for halloween

Little girl in a princess costume getting zipped up

Teenager playing with Halloween decorations

Father and son play fighting in the yard wearing capes

Family being silly in the yard

Mom hugging her son on the porch


Year in the Life is a year long subscription with an album at the end...sort of like a family yearbook. Mostly documentary photos of family being family, the monthly subscription is offered at three levels: monthly, bi-monthly and seasonally.

Sign up for new families will open in November--if you are interested reach out today to learn more!


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