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YEAR IN THE LIFE Family Photography | June 2022 | Atlanta

Documentary Family Photography

June was a tricky month for my Year in the Life sessions. Between travel, my son's travel baseball schedule and Covid hitting, we had lots of rescheduling to do. But I love the photo sessions I did get to do!

"Joy comes to us in moments--ordinary moments."

- Brene Brown

Documentary family photo sessions are the combination of photojournalism and family photography. Nothing is staged, because the everyday life of a family is filled with little amazing moments worth documenting. It's the rejection of "perfect" (aka "fake") family photos that don't line up with your beautiful memories of this time in your life.

It's stress free because nobody has to do anything they wouldn't already be doing. Kids can act however they want to act, everyone can wear whatever they want to wear. Documentary family photography is honest and beautiful because nothing is more amazing than reality.

Father playing with his daughter outside

Daughter playing with hose while mom smiles on

Girl in a stroller in the woods

family walking woods

Mom and daughter outside smiling

Mom spinning daughter in the creek

mother snuggling her son

Little boy smiling while being mischievous

Kids playing together next to their parents

Family hanging out in their living room

A daughter laying in her father's lap


Girls in a donut shop with their mom

Family eating donuts at the shop patio

Girl eating donuts in her moms lap

Sisters looking in the store window

Father and daughter at the playground

Girl smiling on the swings at the park

Girl with heart shaped sunglasses

Girl at the playground

Mother nursing her daughter at the playground

Family waiting outside the park bathrooms


Year in the Life

A monthly subscription that includes a documentary family photoshoot either every month or every other month. I tag along with your family and photograph the crazy beautiful personalities and connections that make your family who you are. At the end of our year together I deliver the best images in an album that you will cherish.

Email me to get on the waitlist for 2023, I will open up first to my waitlist and then to the public in late November of 2022.

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