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YEAR IN THE LIFE Family Photography | MARCH 2022 | Atlanta

Another month has flown by, and it was another great one! Lots of playing at home this month--and I absolutely love photographing families at home. It's where everyone is the most comfortable. We practiced riding bikes, danced and crafted, and celebrated a first birthday.

The Year in the Life project is a documentary family photography project. I meet with and photograph the same families monthly to tell the story of an entire year. At the end of the year I will make an album that includes their favorite photos from the year.

Enjoy some of my favorite pictures from this past month's Year in The Life sessions:

Girls on bikes in the garage

Mom helping daughter ride bike

Dad helping daughter ride her bike

Kids brushing teeth

boy brushing his teeth wit h his cat

Family reading together at home

Husband and wife laughing

Birthday girl laughing and clapping on the couch

Family smiling at the one year old birthday girl

One year old girl looking sitting on the couch

Grandchildren sitting with their grandma

Little girl excited about her toys

One year old smiling at her birthday cake

Dad tickling his daughter

Grandparents reacting to birthday presents

Birthday dance party

Girl on the stairs with her dog

Girl climbing on moms bed

Girls playing in their room

Sisters in the hallway looking out the window

Little girl looking out the window

Little girl with paint all over her

Toddler struggling with her shirt

Kids playing in the living room with their mom


Chanda Williams is a natural light family photographer and film maker serving laid back families in Atlanta who recognize how quickly it's all going by. Through an honest and mostly documentary approach, she makes pictures and movies that tell a true story in a beautiful way.


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